Bali Wedding : Kheng Sin & Carven


It was in May 2014 that I had the pleasure of shooting Kheng Sin and Carven’s intimate wedding celebrations at Le Meridien Bali. Yes, that was two years ago. It took me such a long time to share these pictures because I completely forgot that I hadn’t shared them amidst all the shoots that I’ve been doing. LOL! Absolute doofus I know.

But it’s actually quite nice to look back on somewhat old pictures. To remember back how fun it was to shoot the celebrations and the emotions that was felt then.

Oftentimes I get asked about where or what my favourite shoots are. No doubt, destination / overseas weddings are awesome but after shooting weddings for nearly 9 years, what really matters to me is seeing couples have fun and truly celebrating their union with family and close friends.

This was one of those weddings. To see more photos from their wedding celebration, check out my Facebook page here.

K&C_0168 copy








K&C_0382 copy

K&C_0385 copy


K&C_0497 copy

K&C_0519 copy

K&C_0510 copy

K&C_0607 copy

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Langkawi Beach Wedding : Manfred & Ai Peng


From the first time I met Manfred and Ai Peng, it was obvious that they would be people I’d like to be friends with. It wasn’t only cos they’re really nice and humble but also the fact that they absolutely love their food!

This was confirmed further when I saw them again on their wedding weekend at The Westin Langkawi which was attended by their family members and closest friends. Seeing just how laid back they were on their wedding day and how much laughs they had with their group of friends was a testament to the fact that Manfred and Ai Peng are loved by many. They also allocated some time from the weekend to have a “marryoke” shot by Nigel Sia which you can view here. Do check it out!

On the wedding day itself, Manfred and Ai Peng had a Chinese bridal games ceremony in the morning half where mahjong and Guinness was part of the “torture” and a dinner where good food, touching speeches and drinks galore was available but since there’s only so many photos one can share in a blog post, here’s a few of my favourite shots from their beach wedding ceremony which has held in the afternoon.


M&A_0343 copy



M&A_0369_ copy

M&A_0372 copy


M&A_0393 copy


M&A_0414 copy



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LK & MJ’s Chinese Wedding Ceremony


Nearly a year ago, I had the pleasure of shooting LK and MJ’s Chinese wedding ceremony and I must say, it was the first time in 8 years that I’ve shot a Disney-themed gate crashing ceremony and it was absolutely fun thanks to the sporting heng dai’s and chi mui’s.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the magical day!

C&LK_0068 copy

C&LK_0096 copy


C&LK_0147 copy

C&LK_0171 copy


C&LK_0190 copy copy


C&LK_0214 copy



C&LK_0290 copy


C&LK_0314 copy

C&LK_0338 copy

C&LK_0381 copy

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