Indian Wedding Ceremony ~ Trishay & Crystal


Seeing that I was actually hired by the groom’s father to shoot the festivities, I never actually got to meet the couple until the start of the 3 day festivities itself. But as luck would have it, Trishay and Crystal were a breeze to shoot. With totally no expectations, except for having their fun and happy moments captured and a totally laidback demeanor throughout the celebrations as well as family members who were super duper hospitable, it turned out to be one of those shoots where I felt like I was a full on guest instead of the ‘hired photographer’ LOL!

As with many of the shoots that I’ve done, it wasn’t easy to pick which photos I want to share on the blog. But I’ve gotten to the point of not seeking perfection in my blog posts, and not having a fixed type of style as to how I blog. I figured that the important thing is that I don’t post up a crazy amount of photos and the photos are those which are close to my heart.

Pretty simple innit? :) So with that in mind, here are some of my favourites from Trishay and Crystal’s traditional Indian wedding ceremony in Kuala Lumpur.

T&C_0214 copy



T&C_0357 copy

T&C_0237 copy

T&C_0517 copy

T&C_0563 copy

T&C_0623 copy


T&C_0648 copy

T&C_0643 copy

T&C_0867 copy

T&C_0870 copy copy

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Chinese Wedding Ceremony ~ Alex & Dyi Yee


There’s actually tons of photos from this wedding that I wanted to share but I can’t imagine how long y’all will be scrolling if I really did post up everything LOL! So here a quick look at the bridal pick up session right before Alex & Dyi Yee’s traditional Chinese tea ceremony where I also had Yee Hong assistance me on that gorgeous day.

Congratulations again Alex and Dyi Yee! Wishing you both great adventures ahead in Germany and thanks again for having us shoot the festivities :D

A+D_0037 copy



A+D_0137 copy

A+D_0149 copy

A+D_0180 copy

A+D_0301 copy

A+D_0334 copy


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London Family Portraits : The Pointens


It was during my last trip to London that I had the pleasure of shooting this adorable family’s portrait session at Greenwich Park. We totally lucked out with the weather and spent the gorgeous afternoon just wandering around the park for casual portraits of the girls and their parents.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the day :D

JWIA1_41 copy

JWIA1_6 copy

JWIA1_48 copy

JWIA1_36 copy

JWIA1_86 copy

JWIA1_91 copy

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