HKR Family


Because one needs no excuse to post up pictures of cute babies ;)

  1. kai xin says:

    aiyoo so cute one, just like the mommy .. ; “p

  2. Helen says:

    oOOoooooooo……the baby is so adorable! he likes camera! :)

  3. AzlanSah says:

    Hello, I’m Azlan, a teacher at Sekolah Kebangsaan Inanam Dua, K.Kinabalu. New in photography, i just bought my D3100 last year. What is your opinion about selecting lenses, please?

  4. AzlanSah says:

    very nice pic..!

  5. Felicia says:

    Was this taken in Malacca?

Jun Wei & Su Fen


Jun Wei and Su Fen’s wedding celebration was a fun-filled day as they started off with the bridal games which should’ve been rated 18SX ;) Here’s a little taster of what the day was like and for a look at more pictures, *click*click* here :D

  1. Kay Kastum says:

    Hello climber! I think I came across your blog while searching some climbing info about the old climbing gym at summit USJ. Love your photos. Ada feel bah!

  2. Mike says:

    The hats are very interesting. Guiness and Santa? I kind of like that!

  3. Anthony Lai says:

    Love your photo, with the right mood and feels.

  4. Ikhwan says:

    these are darn clear pictures Anna ! sayy , do you use RAW mode when taking the pictures ?

  5. shafiee says:

    it a wonderful job, plz log on to my blogFOTO and leave the commt. to make it better tq.

Nadia & Zech


On my recent trip back to Kota Kinabalu, I had the pleasure of shooting engagement portraits for Nadia and Zech on the lovely coastline of my hometown. I never had the opportunity to meet the both of them prior to the shoot so it was one of those sessions where I’d have extra butterflies in my tummy, wondering whether or not we would click (pun intended). And we did :)

Nadia and Zech are both so friendly and loveable that you immediately feel like you’ve been friends with them for yonks. Even with an impending thunderstorm (look at the trees which are blown sideways in the shots below), they were upbeat and super bubbly throughout the whole session. We were lucky that the rain held off til the moment we got our final shot. Here are some of my favourites from the day :)

The shot on the left? That’s Zech trying to ‘protect’ Nadia from the strong winds ;)

Nadia and Zech, thanks again for having me shoot your engagement portraits. I had loads of fun hanging out with you two that day! Do have fun during your wedding celebrations and here’s wishing you much joy in the years ahead!

  1. LoLa says:

    super-loooove the pics..!! Nadia & Zech looks sensational..!! the one with them looking back in the dress & jeans is sooo frame-worthy ;)

  2. halina says:

    Nadia..these pictures are beautiful and they speak and show the love you two share. Nice lah!

  3. Dinu George says:

    This Pictures show the pure love .Congratulation

  4. Ahmad Ihsan says:

    beautiful photos as always, so pure like its already been mentioned!

  5. Anthony Lai says:

    Wow…..Fantastic shooting