Joy & Sean ~ Engagement Portraits


I am a big fan of incorporating some personal touches to couples e-sessions – to make it more real, more them, so that next time when their kids look back on the photos, they’ll be able to see how their parents really were during their courting days.

So when Sean and Joy said they wanted to have not only some casual portraits taken to mark their engagement but also some shots of them working out at the gym, I was elated! Despite being a doctor and a nurse respectively, it wasn’t working in a hospital or being in the medical industry which got these two together but their shared love of the iron which sealed their love for each other.

I’m grateful for not only have been given the opportunity to shoot their engagement AND wedding in Penang just last weekend but also to be able to call these newlyweds my friends. Thanks again “Mr & Mrs Lim” for the honour of photographing some of your life milestones, look forward to many years of friendship with you two!

Here are some of my favourite shots from their engagement shoot last November :D

SJ_11 copy
SJ_77 copy
SJ_31 copy
SJ_73 copy
SJ_102 copy
SJ_116 copy
SJ_121 copy
SJ_130 copy
SJ_135 copy
SJ_141 copy
SJ_150 copy

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Singapore Family Portraits ~ The Salinas


I’ve been shooting the Salinas’ family portraits since 2010 when they were based in Kuala Lumpur. Back then they only had two little ones and now they’ve got three adorable daughters whom they say are quite a handful! It’s always a pleasure to have repeat clients when it comes to family sessions for its such a joy to see the little ones grow up. Good reminder to that time’s fleeting and I really should cherish it :)

Sharing some of my favourite shots in this post which include the ones which aren’t your conventionally “pretty” family photo, where the girls are mucking about and just being themselves. Hopefully they’ll look back on these photos when they’re older and treasure the fun times they had with their siblings and loving (as well as very very patient!) parents

Family076 copy

Family014 copy

Family030 copy

Family059 copy

Family071 copy

Family070 copy

Family024 copy

Family098 copy

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Malay Solemnisation Ceremony ~ Mahmood & Koja


A bittersweet wedding this was. A bit sad cos Koja was going to move to Saudi after the wedding but mostly happy because Mahmood and her finally got married after dating for many years :) It was a great celebration on the day with their solemnisation ceremony followed immediately by lunch reception at 9 Kedondong in Ampang.

With family from near and far attending the event, it was good to see that Koja and Mahmood managed to catch up with close friends and also family members throughout :D Koja and Mahmood, hope you’re both settling down well into married life in Saudi and thank you again for having us document the wedding celebrations for you!

K&M_0001 copy

K&M_0026 copy

K&M_0041 copy

K&M_0051 copy

K&M_0080 copy

K&M_0075 copy

K&M_0114 copy

K&M_0145 copy

K&M_0144 copy

K&M_0153 copy

K&M_0396 copy


K&M_0408 copy

K&M_0427 copy

K&M_0456 copy

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