New Year, New Look


Sometime in the third quarter of 2008, I realised that while I had time to update my blog, I had not touched my website at all since it went live in late 2007.

It was then that I thought I either had to;
a) update the pictures in the website at least every 2 months to keep it fresh
b) hire a minion to do it for me (yeaaaa riiiiigghhttttt)
c) follow in the footsteps of one of my idols Jessica Claire and combine my blog and website for convenience sake.

You now know what my choice was. So, here’s a spanking new blogsite which I hope will not only be more convenient for me but for you too :)

Some new features/sections include;
Media – Narcissism. Enough said.
Booked Dates – Sorta like an online calendar so that my clients know my schedule
Testimonials – Cos like cats, I too like pats on the head and neck rubs. Purrrrrrrr.
Twitter – For bite-sized updates
Fitness – A fitness journal for the fitness junkie!

This blogsite was customised by Jing Kai of Krizalis Creative from a wordpress template. Jing Kai’s a fresh graduate who has worked on various projects and he has endured A LOT of amendments and requests from yours truly in the past two (or was it three?) months.

Jing Kai, here’s a huuuuge thank you for your patience and assistance on this :) Anyone who’s interested to get a new site design up, do contact Jing Kai at “jingkai[at]krizalis[dot]my” now before he ups his pricing. Hahahaha! Just kidding…..I think.

This blogsite is still being hosted through Density Professional and it’s on local servers. I’ve been using them since late 2007 and the service has been top-notch as I’ve also contacted them (on several occasions) in the middle of the night for tech help :p

If you wanna have a look at pictures from the past my previous sites are still up on the following links :)
Ye Olde Website
Ye Olde Blog

I hope with the new site, you’ll join me as I embark on more adventures for the spanking new year of 2009. And to celebrate, I’ll be blogging every day for the next nine days (cos 2009 mahhh ;p). Woot!


  1. Lionel Yew says:

    hey woman! recommended you to a friend up in Penang…she might be calling you soon. Her name is Wendy. See if you can help her help you ;). Anyway, just had a chance to browse thru your site…no portfolio pages one ah? How’s anyone going to see what you’re capable of? O did I completely miss those pages out? Cheers…

    BTW…Looks like leaving the three stripes did you good…you’re probably happier doing this huh?

  2. leanor valerie says:

    hi anna!! (sorry, i’m a stranger :p) waaah… finally!! a post of the year! i’ve been visitting ur blog since ur last post last year anticipating-ly for some new photos to feast my eyes…. lama juga kau punya holidays?! haha… anyways, u deserve a long, nice break though :p

    btw, lionel yew, is that wendy of penang u mentioned is wendy T? who used to study in ukm?? haha!! if that’s her…. i’m her fren too!! anna, this gal is hot!! :p

  3. Anna-Rina says:

    Lionel : Thanks for the referral. Much appreciated :) Well, as a full-time photographer I work much longer hours, have a dwindling social life and seemingly no romantic prospect in the horizon but funnily enough, I am happier now than I’ve ever been :D Haha! Weird eh?

    Leanor : Thank you for checking out my blog regularly. No laa, I didn’t holiday that long. Was only away for a week but I’ve been busy with shoots, catching up with my photo editing and also finalising this blogsite ;) Thanks again for dropping by!

  4. Julien says:

    kathryn gmrnoiiiAugust 18, 2011beautiful.psalm 37:5-6Open up before God, keep nothing back; he’ll do whatever needs to be done: He’ll validate your life in the clear light of day and stamp you with approval at high noon.

Because I Like Working Out…


…..I decided to have a mini blogsite to keep track of my fitness regime. I’ve got a few fitness goals for 2009 and hopefully by keeping track of what I do, I’ll be able to train towards achieving these goals :)

Some of these goals include;
- quitting smoking (I’m on day 12 now. Wish me luck!)
- completing a 10km run in 55 minutes by April ’09
- getting ACE Personal Trainer certification by July ’09
- participating in the half marathon category of Borneo International Marathon in Oct ’09 and finishing it within 2 hours
- lead climbing a 6B route outdoor by middle of 2009

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve been asked by friends and even strangers why I would wanna train till my arms are bulky or why I work out as much as I do. Frankly speaking, half the time I feel like replying them “Cause I like muscles maaaa!”. A friend told me I should say, “Cos I don’t wanna be fat like you!” :p LOL!

Well, you can read a blog post I wrote in my previous blog here for a general idea on what my standard reply would be ;)

My workout locations include;
- Kiara Park in TTDI
- Pushmore Fitness Centre, Merchant Square
- Camp 5 Indoor Rock Climbing Gym, 1 Utama

I try to workout every single day. So when I say all I do is work or workout, its partially true :p Yes, I do try to workout even when I have shoots or when I’m bogged down with a lot of editing work. Working out is such a big part of my life that I feel funny when I don’t workout for a couple of days.

Besides sharing my love of photography on my blogsite, I hope to inspire people to pick up fitness as part of achieving a healthier lifestyle as well :) Woot!

  1. Faz says:

    u r my inspirational :)

  2. Faz says:

    u r my inspiration :)

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