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Rae Turns 1!


I shot their pre-wedding, actual wedding day celebrations AND maternity session so when Yee Siew and Charles contacted me for a family portrait session, I was elated! I must admit, it also felt pretty surreal to see them as parents, with a little human being to take care of. But you know what, judging from the looks of it, they are doing mighty fine with how adorable and sweet lil Rae turned out!

Throughout the session, she hardly made a peep and just nonchalantly sat wherever Papa and Mama placed her. Also love the fact that she’s gentle with Munchkin, reckon other kids would’ve grabbed their family dog with a vice grip! LOL!

And what about when it started getting crazy humid and you could see her hair was sticking to her forehead cos of the sweat? No problem, all she needed was a biscuit so that aunty Anna could continue shooting her in all her cuteness.

Too. Adorable.

This session was shot just a few days before Rae’s 1st birthday and I am so happy that Yee Siew and Charles got me to shoot another milestone in their life. Here are some of my favourite shots from the day!











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Tristen & Stefani ~ Portraits in Auckland


The more I got to know them, the more I like Tristen and Stefani. Not only because of their kind souls and fun personality, but because of their work ethics and the perseverance that they put in to reach their goals. Being away from home is already hard enough as it is, but to strive and prosper in a foreign land at a young age takes a strong and determined personality. These two millenials definitely do not meet the stereotype of that term ;)

I had the pleasure of shooting their Chinese wedding ceremony in Kuala Lumpur last year and a few months after, the pleasure of spending a few days in their lovely home in Auckland. It was also then that we had some fun times shooting this set of casual portraits.

Thanks again Tristen & Stefani for having me shoot you guys and not only for being my clients but turning into my friends too :D Do call me when you come home for a visit cos that’ll mean yoga + Burgerlab timeeee!


















P/S :
All the photos in this set were shot with the Sony RX100IV and initially I was a bit apprehensive. I mean, which photographer would shoot a portrait session with a compact camera? But…..I was delighted once we started the session and continued shooting til sunset.

The nifty lil camera was speedy and captured emotive shots way better than I expected. And despite the low light that we had towards the end of the shoot (2nd part of the shoot onwards), quality of the shots were still surprisingly decent. Definitely would recommend the Sony RX100IV if you’re looking for a small compact camera for daily use and also travelling!

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Joy & Sean ~ Engagement Portraits


I am a big fan of incorporating some personal touches to couples e-sessions – to make it more real, more them, so that next time when their kids look back on the photos, they’ll be able to see how their parents really were during their courting days.

So when Sean and Joy said they wanted to have not only some casual portraits taken to mark their engagement but also some shots of them working out at the gym, I was elated! Despite being a doctor and a nurse respectively, it wasn’t working in a hospital or being in the medical industry which got these two together but their shared love of the iron which sealed their love for each other.

I’m grateful for not only have been given the opportunity to shoot their engagement AND wedding in Penang just last weekend but also to be able to call these newlyweds my friends. Thanks again “Mr & Mrs Lim” for the honour of photographing some of your life milestones, look forward to many years of friendship with you two!

Here are some of my favourite shots from their engagement shoot last November :D

SJ_11 copy
SJ_77 copy
SJ_31 copy
SJ_73 copy
SJ_102 copy
SJ_116 copy
SJ_121 copy
SJ_130 copy
SJ_135 copy
SJ_141 copy
SJ_150 copy

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