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Anna-Rina Photography (that’s me!) will be in Perth, WA for 5 weeks come 2010!

I’ll be down under for wedding photography and a couple of portrait sessions between February 24 – March 30, 2010. Seeing that I’ll be there for quite some time, I’m opening up bookings for additional portrait sessions.

If you’re interested in getting a fun-filled, relaxed portrait session with your significant other, family, friends or even a solo session, gimme a holler at info(at) for more details. You can also check out some images from recent portrait sessions here.

Spread the love and have an awesome week ahead! x

Thanks to Enrick for the image & Chak of Foldees for designing the below ;)

  1. Nazra says:

    have fun down under! :))

    this is the photo that made me fall in love with shootsac. ;)

  2. Melor says:

    Love love the picture and the design!!!!!
    Get your cousin to manage you!!! ;)

  3. kreatiiv says:

    awesomeness!! berapa la kalau kau charge untuk portrait session with loved one??

  4. joanna says:

    awesome! any chance u’d stop by sydney? ;)

  5. Wana says:

    This picture taken at Haji Lane?

A Good Weekend :D


The past week has been absolutely great! I didn’t have any shoots during the weekend so I took the opportunity to take some time off editing to have a bit of personal life ;) Spent Saturday afternoon on a photo outing with my friends Sherrie and Bang Qin. It has been aaaaaages since I last went on a photo outing just for fun. 

There was no set plan and we just wandered around town and finally ended up at the National Museum which I love, love, love! Didn’t have much time to check out the whole place as we were in a rush but I’ll definitely head back there again :) Here’s some images from our aimless wanderings ;p

It ain’t over til the fat lady sings! – shot on right by Sherrie

The museums guard kitten. Shoooo cuteeee! I want a kitty cat but my housemates all voted against it. Meh -_____-“

Psychedelic tiles at the entrance of the National Museum. Feels like its moving huh? 

There’s currently an exhibition on traditional children’s games. 

There are a lot of school kids at the museum during weekends….

…and when I say a lot, I mean ALOT! So don’t go on weekends if you’re planning to visit ;p

More artifacts – Isn’t it amazing how simple life used to be? Everything seems so complicated thesedays, as we try to make our life more convenient with more and more so-called-helpful contraptions. 

Not only was Saturday great but Sunday was awesome as I reconnected with my first love – bouldering. Headed over to MadMonkeyz Bouldering Gym in Wangsa Maju and realised just how much I miss bouldering :) Bouldering used to be my first love and I sorta forgot about it when photography came into the picture. Hoping to balance things out a bit by taking some time off on a weekly basis to get reacquainted with it.

Anyway, the fantabulous weekend was topped up with 3 icings on the cake come Monday as I found out the following features had been released.

Ashley & Svan’s gorgeous garden wedding was featured on The Wedding Guide.

Chris & Chelle’s beautiful beach ceremony is featured in the latest issue of Bridal Guide magazine!

And yours truly is featured in this week’s Life & Style’s People section.

When the editors for both Bridal Guide and The Wedding Guide contacted me recently about featuring my recent couples in their respective media, I was absolutely ecstatic! I mean who wouldn’t be? It’s not everyday that one gets their work and their couples featured in bridal guides so this was definitely something that I got really excited about.

A huge thanks to Habeebah of Bridal Guide and Stephanie of The Wedding Guide for the features :) And much thanks to Shan of Life & Style as well for featuring me in the current ‘People’ section. Much much appreciated!

Oh, before I forget, am organising ANOTHER sharing session this Saturday. But its for working out :p Hehe…do come join if you’re free! Details here.

  1. ALTing says:

    wow!! you’re a star now rina!! congratulations on your achievements!!

  2. Nantha says:

    congratulation anna & i wish u all the best for your upcoming fame.

  3. Carol says:

    Happy for you. Congrats Anna!!!!

  4. John-Hans says:

    Well done anna! you look good and thats good that you are constantly making grounds! That last picture of yours quite deceiving! Proud of your accomplishments. see you in the gym. You getting smaller btw!

  5. Thanks for the love! Much much appreciated :D :D xo

  6. Nazra says:

    Yeehaaww! Congrats Anna!

  7. Kai En says:

    Hey! Anna! You are on Magazine again. Yay *as thought I am on magazine too*

Paying It Forward



Edit on Oct 30: I’ve reverted to everyone who wrote to me about the sharing session two days ago. To those who wrote in, thanks for your email! Though I would love to, I’m sorry to say I can’t accommodate everyone but I’ve sent you details of some of my fellow photographers workshops which might be of interest to you. To those whose slots are confirmed for this Sunday’s session, can’t wait to meet up and talk shop! See you this Sunday! Cheers :)


I recently reactivated my old blog* and looking back through my old posts of shooting my first ever wedding (assisting Tom Hayton), having my pictures published in a magazine for the first time, being a gear head (where there’s a shot of me with my external flash pointing straight ahead, which is apparently what noobs who don’t know anything about flash do *shy*), etc, made me smile as barely three years ago, I didn’t even think I would be doing this for real. Along the way, I’ve met many awesome people, individuals who shared their knowledge with me and in one way or another, moulded me into who I am today. Ok, before I get too emo about this, let me get straight to the point.

To pay it forward, I’ll be organising a pro bono sharing session next weekend for photography enthusiasts who want to learn more about shooting portraits.

Who? Photography enthusiasts who want to learn more about shooting portraits (yes, I like repeating myself). 

What? This will be a small sharing session whereby participants can ask whatever questions they may have regarding portrait photography, not so much on the technical side, but more on the practical side such as interaction with people, poses, locations. Session will be done over a period of 2 hours and if time permits, we’ll have a short portrait session.

When? Tentatively next Sunday afternoon cause by then, I should be done with all my editing & layout work! Hopefully >.< 

Where? PJ, exact location will be emailed to confirmed participants

Why? Well, when I was out of town recently, I spent a day with a photography enthusiast who picked up portrait photography and while sharing tips with her, I realised that I enjoyed it and that I was learning while sharing as well. The questions that she asked me made me think why I shoot the way I do and how one can improve in terms of photography. Having received quite a number of photography related questions from photography enthusiasts, I reckon that having a sharing session would be more conducive than just emailing back and forth (which I haven’t had the time to do consistently!). Please note that I am NOT AN EXPERT on all things photography, but I’m just gonna share whatever it is that I’ve learnt along the way. After all, photography is a never ending learning process and it helps a lot when people are open to sharing.

How? For the session to be more conducive, this sharing session is only open to maximum 10 photography enthusiasts. For those who are keen on participating (only the ones who are sure they can make it), drop me an email at info(at)anna-rina(dot)com and please title your email ‘Sharing Session’ with;
– your contact details
– a link to your blog or wherever it is that you store your pictures online
– questions that you might want to ask during the session

As mentioned, this session would be more suited for photography enthusiasts who have just embarked on their newfound interest and who are keen on learning more about shooting people (not literally of course).

So if you’re keen, just drop me an email with the above details and I’ll revert to everyone by middle of next week on the location and exact timing (it’s gonna be next Sunday afternoon). Have a good weekend ahead :)

Back when I first started shooting, I shot myself aaall the time.
Yes, vainpot I am :p

*for those who happen to read through my old blog, yes, there’s a lot of rubbish there. Don’t be judging me on what I wrote yo for my mouth (or in this case my fingers) moves faster than my brain does :p

Edit: I think most of you would have heard of Louis Pang, who’s one of Malaysia’s top wedding photographers and educator. His constant passion about his work and willingness on sharing his knowledge with others has been an inspiration to myself and I believe to many of my peers as well.

Besides sharing through his regular workshops, he has just launched an online education portal which offers videos on all things wedding and portrait photography related at Do check it out if you’re keen on learning more about wedding and portrait photography. Congrats on the launch of the site Louis and thanks for sharing :D

Another local photographer who constantly organises workshops is none other than Ted Adnan, who’s like the lighting guru of KL ;D He’s organised numerous workshops on basic as well as advanced lighting and information on his latest workshop can be seen here.


  1. Mitorica says:

    By coincidence, i clicked on your blogsite, and i seriously felt somehow you look so familiar, i am not sure where i ever seen you before, but i am from kk too =)
    I knew Louis Pang few years back but i didn’t know there are a lot more photographer from sabah too…
    I felt like joining the session but too bad that i am having my finals, maybe some other time in the future, when i officially get my very own dslr =)
    I just found my this new interest, those wedding pictures kinda melt my heart, and i guess i would start taking up photography =)
    I just feel like dropping by and spamming your comment box =p Keep on the good work!! Louis and you will be my inspiration =)

  2. Nantha says:

    i have send you my contact details & really looking forward to joining the session.

  3. Nazra says:

    aiyahh i’d love to join…but so farrrrr…

  4. Alex Voon says:

    Yerrr… not fair… we sabahan want photo sharing too…. come we gather 1 group and sponsor u air ticket to come back here in kk hehe…

  5. David Jiew says:

    Yo Cha bo! I also want to join your pro bono session.

  6. Anna-Rina says:

    @Mitorica – Maybe we’ve seen each other back in KK :) Thanks so much for dropping by and checking out my blog. It’s great to hear from fellow Sabahans!
    @Nantha – Thanks! I’ve actually received more than 20 emails already 0.o Will be reverting tomorrow afternoon. Cheers
    @Nazra – Nevermind, your next trip back to KL we get together with the KLickrs gang k? Tk care :)
    @Alex – Depending on the outcome of this weekend’s session and whether or not it’ll be useful for participants, I might organise a session when I return to KK early next year. Will update the blog if I do
    @David – Uncle! Should’ve asked me more questions when I was in Sydney right? Ngek ngek ngek. Getogether with your photo kaki’s there la ;p

  7. Rudy says:

    hahaha….u got no muscle then la…i think angkat camera then sure pengsan after 3 hrs.

  8. Anna-Rina says:

    @Rudy: Hahahaha! So I should use the current muscles as a plus point eh? “Photographers with big biceps can shoot aaaaall day long” :p

  9. farah says:

    hi anna!!i`ve emailed u regarding the sharing session ;-) looking forward for ur feedback ~

  10. Gandut Slimz says:

    I wish I can join… sob sob sob

  11. JingKai says:

    Nice! Sharing session! I’ve never been to these sessions before and sadly, I am still not brave enough to join :(

    But I swear I’ll join in the future if you have more of these sessions and if you permit me :) Cause, I’m also slowly picking up photography now and needing these oh so good sharing sessions :D

  12. Zahir says:

    hi anna… already read your email.. hehe good luck for “Sharing Session” this sunday :) .. And thanks for your willingness to share your knowledge and experience with others :) Goodluck :)

  13. yeahway says:

    aiyah… i so late at catching up on blog reading :(

  14. sue says:

    hi anna, I didn’t receive any email from you, just wondering if you got mine?

  15. farah says:

    hi anna!!!
    thanks for picking me as one of the lucky 10!!
    extremely excited ~~
    see u on sunday!!

  16. Leon says:

    Hey anna, thanks picking me as one of the 10 as well… i think we will somewhat bombard you with questions.. haha.. i know i will… :)

  17. Gilbert Wong says:

    That is a great comment~!

    I just joined as well by Louis Pang. Never stop learning!

  18. Michelle says:

    Ooh ooh, i’d love to join in too! But i’m all the way down under in Oz… a little too far ;) hey anna, i finally got my dslr, got the nikon d90!

  19. Louis says:

    Hey Anna, thanks for the plug on WedShooter.TV. You have come a long way and it is good to see you do your bit to help others. Way to go!