About Me

So yes. My real name IS Anna-Rina. With a hyphen. But most people just call me Anna. Like Anna & the King ;)

I’ve been a full-time wedding and portrait photographer since August 2007. Til today, I’m still in love with what I do and I can’t help but to feel absolutely blessed by this opportunity. In my past life, I was in the corporate line, working in the marketing department of a global sports brand. That was a fun job, but this? This is awesome.

I bought my first dSLR after winning an episode of the first (and only -____-) season of Fear Factor Malaysia back in 2005.

Even after so many years of wedding photography, I  sometimes still cry when my brides cry during weddings. Somebody get me a tissue. Stat.

When I’m not working, I train powerlifting at the gym, go climbing, hike in the great outdoors, catch up with friends and play chess over a good cup of coffee, read biographies and urmmm…self improvement :p as well as travel when budget permits!

I’m a certified Crossfit level 1 trainer. It’s not something which I’m currently pursuing as a career as photography is my main focus.

I just started learning how to cook in December 2012. Now, I use cooking as a ‘mental break’ when I need some time to relax from work. It’s so therapeutic!

I love it when I manage to get my clients to relax and have fun during a session. I believe that enjoying a session brings back great memories when you look back at the photos :)

And this might sound crazy, but I’d like to try stand up comedy before I die. Which means I better attempt it soon just incase :p