Noel & Kimbeley


I constantly get asked what’s my favourite locations for couples portrait sessions. I could easily say places like Kundasang Park, Fremantle, London, Istanbul but after having shot so many couples in the last (nearly!) 8 years, my favourite location is where the couple is most comfortable and at ease with each other. Sure, as a photographer I’d love to shoot at stunning, exotic locations but if I am unable to bring out the essence of my clients and make the session fun for them, then however novel that location may be, it still won’t be my favourite.

So when couples say they want to have a casual engagement shoot at within their neighbourhood, I know for a fact that whatever happens, they’ll definitely look back at the photos with tons of memories. Not only from the shoot day itself but when they show the photos to their kids in the future, they’ll be able to say “This was where we used to hang out a lot before we got married” or “This is the park where we went to for jogging”. Cos for me, at the end of the day, photos with memories would definitely always triumph over pretty photos. Plus point when you get BOTH pretty photos and memorable ones ;)

That being said, here’s some of my favourite shots from Noel and Kimbeley’s portrait session done quite some time back in TTDI. Yes, all locations were within 5 – 10 minutes drive from their home :) We incorporated some of their favourite things – food and fitness, and kept everything laidback and true to their self. Now that’s my kinda favourite location :)

N&K_0009 copy
N&K_0018 copy
N&K_0091 copy

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A Tale of Two Countries


As I was picking out photos from Alisha & Chris’ recent engagement session, I realised that there were waaaaay too many favourites to be shared on the blog. Despite the fact that they’re a good looking couple, it also hit me that half of the shots which I liked weren’t exactly pictures where you can see their faces. Guess that just shows that body language does tell a lot about someone ;)

I’ll most probably share the rest of the pictures on my Facebook page soon, but for now here’s some of my favourite shots from the day where we took the KL Express to KLIA and just spent the hour there, documenting their love not only for travel, but for each other <3

AC-2 copy

AC-3 copy

AC-7 copy

AC-36 copy

AC-40 copy

AC-47 copy

AC-48 copy

AC-59 copy

AC-92 copy

AC-110 copy

AC-142 copy

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Chu Wei & Jolene


One thing I love about shooting weddings is hearing stories about how couples met. Chu Wei and Jolene’s story was definitely something out of the ordinary as it started with a missing thumbdrive in college and how it led two people from different faculties to befriend each other.

Funny how love works sometimes :)

CJ0013 copy








CJ0113 copy





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