Audrey & Charles


Last May, I had the pleasure of being part of Audrey and Charles epic multi-cultural wedding. It was a full day affair for them spanning across two states (yes! within a day!), 3 events and many happy memorable moments.

I had ambitiously wanted to include my favourite shots from the gate crashing, tea ceremony, solemnisation event and dinner reception then realised that it would take me aaaages (and a whole lotta bandwith!) to include them all. So here’s a super condensed version of my favourite takes from their solemnisation ceremony which was held at the Sime Darby Convention Centre.

Thanks again Audrey and Chris for having us shoot the festivities <3

AC-98 copy

AC-105 copy

AC-107 copy

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AC-113 copy copy

AC-114 copy

AC-115 copy

AC-118 copy

AC-122 copy

AC-132 copy copy

AC-135 copy

Sam & Sue-Yenn : Portraits in NYC

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First time in New York City and I get to hang out with a gorgeous couple on a beautiful day in Brooklyn.
Life is surreal at times.



SS-25 copy


SS-34 copy copy


SS-44 copy


SS-54 copy



SS-102 copy


SS-78 copy

SS-74 copy

SS-86 copy

SS-111 copy


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Kylie & Adam ~ Maternity Session


I just saw on Facebook that Kylie and Adam’s son is now one year’s old. And then I double checked through my blogsite and Facebook page to see whether or not I had shared their maternity shots. Well, guess you know the answer to that :)

We shot this back in 2013 and whilst I had known and worked with Kylie back when she was based in Kuala Lumpur, it was my first time meeting her husband Adam in Perth. Seeing how much love these two have for each other and also how silly they would get was enough of an inspiration to fuel the whole session.

Spent a beautiful summer afternoon with these two parents-to-be and had a blast just shooting their antics as we traipsed around Fremantle.



KA-18 copy



KA-38 copy

KA-42 copy




KA-84 copy


And yes, I was still in town when lil Archie was born! Can’t wait to see this lil family again be it in Perth or Kuala Lumpur sometime soon :)

AKA-3 copy


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